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Favelle Favco cranes are well known as high speed diesel hydraulic luffing cranes. The M-series crane sizes range from 60 metre tonnes to 2000 metre tonnes.  Favco tower cranes capacity ranges are easily expanded to meet the construction industry's special requirements. The reputation of this series, with a track record of building 9 out of 10 of the worlds tallest buildings, is indisputable. It is also especially suitable for remote areas where electricity is not readily available.

The latest introduction to our model lineup is the MK series which is the combination of the best of Favelle Favco and Kroll technologies. The MK series delivers the loadcharts from the M-series while using the winch technology from Kroll.


For more information on Favco Tower cranes contact our sales department at 973-589-4100.

Model            Max Load           Min Boom Length         Tip Load           Max Boom Length         Downloads


M220D            18t @ 17.5m                    27.4m                  3.0t@ 52.5m                  55.0m



M440D            50t @ 10.0m                    32.0m                  2.7t @ 65.0m                 68.8m



M760D            64t @ 10.0m                    35.0m                  4.4t @ 70.0m                 70.0m



M1280D          100t @ 25.0m                   35.0m                  13.0t @ 80.0m                80.0m


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