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Igo T 130

Pick the work height that best suits your job with the Potain Igo T 130. The largest crane in the self-erecting Potain range also offers the most flexibility in configuration. With single trailer transport and a folding jib, the Igo T 130 fits in easily among even the tightest jobsite constraints.

Potain Igo T 130

Potain Igo T 130

17,637 lb. maximum capacity

3,086 lb. capacity at 164 ft.

164 ft. maximum operating hook radius

122 ft. maximum tip hook height with jib horizontal

200 ft. maximum hook height with 164 ft. jib set at 30 degrees

Variable height lattice mast from 63 ft. to 122 ft. with optional mast inserts

Optional Ultra View cab or Cab 800

Offsettable jib for obstacle avoidance

Wireless remote control


Potain Igo T 130 Product Guide

Potain Full Line Brochure

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