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MANITOU is the world's largest manufacturer of rough terrain vertical mast and telescopic handling equipment. 

MANITOU manufactures equipment from 3,000 to 50,000 lb. capacity. 



Rotating Telehandler 

The MRT Series is the most versatile telehandler on the market, offering rotation and 3-in-1 versatility for multiple applications. The MRT Series of rotating telehandlers will lift loads, or personnel, to heights from 68 to 80 feet (14 to 30 meters). Loads from 8,800 to 10,000 pounds are easily handled by these versatile machines.  The wide range of attachments available, and the 360° rotation, makes the MRT the right choice for industrial maintenance, structural work, and other jobs around your construction site.

Rotating Telehandler

Model/Specs                Max Capacity                Max Lift                 


MRT 1840 Easy                    8,800 lbs.                          58'                                             


MRT 2150 Privilege +           11,000 lbs.                          68'                                            


MRT 2540 Privilege +            8,800 lbs.                          80'                                               


MRT 3255 Privilege +           12,000 lbs.                        103'                                             



The Maniscopic Telehandler Range

Manitou's innovative handling solutions in the construction, agricultural, and industrial markets have revolutionized the way customers look at their applications. From compact to rotating models, Manitou provides a wide variety of unique handling solutions. For all of your loading, placing and warehousing applications, these variable reach telehandlers are the ideal solution. Manitou also offers attachments specifically designed for your industry, providing an optimum combination of performance, reliability and versatility.

Forklift Rentals

Model/Specs                      Max Capacity                Max Lift                  


MT 625                                   5,550 lbs.                         19'                                               


MT 1840                                 8,800 lbs.                          58'                                            


MT 5519                                 5,500 lbs.                          19'                                            


MT 6034                                 6,000 lbs.                          34' 


MT6642                                  6,600 lbs.                          42'


MT8044                                  8,000 lbs.                          44'


MT10044                                10,000 lbs.                         44'


MT10055                                10,000 lbs.                         55'


MT12042                               12,000 lbs.                          44'                       


Heavy Telescopic

Model/Specs                  Max Capacity                   Max Lift                      


MHT 780                             20,000 lbs.                           46'                                                       


MHT 1490                           20,000 lbs.                            46'                                                     


MHT 10120                          26,000 lbs.                           31'                                            


MHT 10180                          39,000 lbs.                           31'


MHT 10225                          50,000 lbs.                           31'



NJ Forklift Rentals
Vertical Masted

Vertical Masted Forklift

The vertical or straight masted lift truck is the ideal product for your material handling applications where stability and maneuverability are essential. Pioneers of the masted product, the MANITOU brand forklifts are the result of years of job proven performance and reliability.

The MANITOU M Series masted forklifts were designed from the ground up as a true rough terrain lift truck. Operator comfort and easy maintenance were priority issues considered during development. The M Series is available in many configurations to provide our customers the correct machine.

The MANITOU Semi-Industrial range are a smaller version that offer excellent handling and compact maneuverability, unbeatable traction, unequalled comfort, and easy maintenance. This range is the ideal choice for applications that demand more than the average industrial lift truck.

Model/ Specs          Max Capacity                               


M30                             6,000 lbs.                                                                


M40                             8,000 lbs.                                                              


M50                            11,000 lbs.                                                                   


MSI30T                          6,000 lbs.                        


MH25-4                          5,000 lbs.                       



New Jersey Manitou Dealer
Truck Mounted

Truck Mounted Forklift

Manitou’s Manitransit Series of truck mounted forklifts have revolutionized on-site offloading. With the innovative, industry-exclusive telescopic boom design, the TMT Series provides greater freedom of movement, reducing the overall costs associated with on-site handling.

With the long boom option the unit has access to all loads from the same side of the trailer, greatly reducing delivery time on crowded residential streets.  The boom thus eliminates complicated mechanical/hydraulic systems and/or the moving masts required on competitive units.

The TMT 55 4-Way model integrates all of the above features plus offers unique 4-way steering capability. The wheels hydraulically pivot 90 degrees allowing for side-to-side movement. This enables operators to unload long loads in confined areas.

These forklifts provide unparalleled durability and simplicity of design, minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime.

Model / Specs      Max Capacity           Max Lift                   




TMT55 HT                                                                


TMT55 XT                          


TMT55 HT-4WD              


TMT55 XT-4WD               



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